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In this category, we have the ability to reach every demand or need of the customer. Below we present an innovative batching plant with many important operational advantages.




This plant operates with only one operator, who can simultaneously feed two different truck mixers with two different recipes. In this way, except the usual benefits met in all stationary plants, it offers:

  • AUTONOMY: Two independent mixers. Production never stops, even in case of damage in one of them.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Two independent mixers, so that someone could produce concrete for two different customers and two different recipes at the same time.
  • ECONOMY: Only one operator/ salary for operating two mixers, one point of aggregate storage, meaning less movement and fuel for the loader.
  • RECIPROCATION: The low purchasing cost added to the reliable function of the plant, make it a profitable investment.


Aggregates Storage 4x30m3, 120m3 1
Aggregates Scale (0-3000kg) 2
Double Conveyor belt for aggregates 1
Twin shaft Mixer 3000/2000 2
Mixer Group consisting of: Dual pillar mixer with support platform and ladder, two 2 weighing scales of cement, two 2 weighing scales of water. 1
Air-compressor 1
Screw feeder for cement Ø273 x 7000mm 4
Weighing scale for two (2) chemical additives, galvanized 1
Automation Betonwin II with PC, printer, electrical board, and all electronic, electrical and coaxial cables. 1
Aggregates preload system 22m3 1
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