AXIONTEK is a modern and flexible company with a central philosophy of collaboration with all of you, involved in the construction industry.


Our main aim is, that we are not looking for customers or suppliers but for collaborators, who share the same vision and values as we do.




Our pursuit and vision is to have satisfied collaborators based on entrepreneurship and innovation.


Therefore, the principles and values that dominate AXIONTEK are the following:


  • Reliability in all our activities and actions.
  • High quality and competitiveness: Our basic principle for all our products, technical solutions, services and technical support that we offer to our associates.
  • Integrity in every action of ours, combined with intense sense of responsibility. Our target is our name to be a guarantee to our associates.
  • Pleased associates with a smile, since our associates are the reference point for all our entrepreneurial activities.




  • SOTIRIS ANDRONIS, Mechanical Engineer Superior
    In charge of research, development and design.
  • KONSTANTINOS LAFAZANIS, Mechanical Engineer MEng
    In charge of the purchasing department.
  • PANAGIOTIS LELIS, MSc Business Economics, Finance & Banking
    In charge of the economic department and commercial executive.
  • ARGIRIS BABALIS, Bachelors of Arts, University of N.Y. and degree in transportation and hydraulic foundations
    In charge of the commercial department.
  • SPYROS PAPOUTSIDIS, Electrical Engineer MSc
    In charge of the departments of service, spare parts and industrial automation.
  • HARRY SALTSIDIS, Merchant Marine Engineer
    In charge of the technical department and the mobile service department.
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